Pinina is a unique beautiful soul that graced our family’s lives for 13 years. She inspired this page for us to create pet-friendly tips, tricks, and products to share with you all.

Pinina was always full of joy and laughs no matter where we went on adventures with her, and she was always happy to see us no matter what.

In August 2023, Pinina encountered some severe health problems, and sadly our family lost Pinina on September, 15th, 2023.

Our daughter is an angel now in heaven that is looking out for us, and bringing joy to our other family that has passed.

Our family will continue to honor Pinina’s memory through this page and our socials.

Thank you for joining our journey and honoring Pinina. If you wish to help support this page so we can continue bringing you great tips and stories for your pets, please consider subscribing to our email list and following us on socials.

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