Pinina Is The Most Beautiful Angel


Pinina Is A Beautiful Angel

This story is dedicated to Pinina (RIP September 16th, 2023 at 4:00 A.M.), who was much more than a pet to me.

She was a friend, a sister, and a daughter.

She was also my first pet and right now, she is an angel who is with God.

Pinina lived by my side for 13 years, since I was a 10-year-old girl.

I remember that she always asked my mother for a puppy or a little sister for as long as I can remember.

My mother always told me that it couldn’t be her, because of my allergy to animals and also because she couldn’t have more children.

She told me: “I’m sorry, daughter, but we can’t give you a sister or a puppy.”

Then one day my mother left me in the care of a nanny, a very old woman.

I told the babysitter that she wanted to have a little sister or dog, and I remember that we went to church together one day.

The nanny told me to pray to Saint Francis of Assisi so that I could have a puppy.

We prayed with great hope and I asked God with all my strength for a little sister or a little dog to be the happiest girl in the world.

Years later, when I turned 10, my mother stopped by a pet store while she went shopping for a refrigerator.

At the time, Pinina was only a month old and had escaped from the store.

She jumped with happiness and greeted me with kisses when my mother saw her.

At that moment, my mother fell in love with Pinina and she thought that she would be a beautiful gift for me so that we would always be together.

My mother finally decided not to buy the refrigerator and convinced Pinina’s owner to give it away or sell it, since Pinina had already stolen her heart.

The man finally agreed to sell Pinina, and my mother, very happy, took her home.

At that time, I was out with my father for my birthday.

My father dropped me off near the house, and when I got closer, I saw a little puppy running out.

I knelt down and spread my hands; It was Pinina.

She ran towards me, showering me with kisses, and she wanted me to pick her up.

After a few minutes, she fell asleep in my arms.

It was the most special moment of my life.

Every day and every year, our bond of love grew stronger.

Pinina was by my side during my childhood, adolescence, and when I became an adult.

She watched me grow up and get married, and I watched her grow old with my husband and me.

She always cared about our health and that of everyone who was part of my life.

I remember that when someone special to me or I got sick, Pinina never left our side and always remained at our feet.

We experienced thousands of moments full of happiness and affection, as well as thousands of sad experiences that we shared together.

She was present in the worst and best moments of my life, and the lessons she left me were invaluable.

I want to tell all the people who have pets to love them with all their hearts, always take care of their health, and never forget that the world of their pets will be the one we show them.

They are beings of light who are in this world to provide love, protection, and happiness.

Let us always protect and value the love we receive from our pets.

Sadly, Pinina is no longer in this physical world, but she lives in our hearts, inspiring us.

This page was created because my husband gave me a computer, and the first day we opened it, Pinina seemed interested, tapping the keys and writing down my thoughts.

My husband jokingly suggested that she write too, and she started tapping the keys on the computer like a game.

This is how the Pinina page was born, where we share everything related to pets.

She was our inspiration from the beginning.

Thank you to everyone who visits Pinina’s page, and we hope that everyone has a being as special and full of love as Pinina in their homes.

Be very happy as long as God allows it.

Pinina left indelible traces of love, lessons, and happiness. A tribute to all the pets that fill our hearts.

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